😘9mobile revamped data plans, get 1GB for N300, 2GB for N500, 7GB for N1500😘

The subscription code still remains the same, dial βˆ—200βˆ—3βˆ—1# to get started, I’m going to quickly drop the direct subscription codes to the daily/weekly plans, see code below

βœ…7GB + social @ N1500 valid for 7 days; dial βˆ—229βˆ—2βˆ—2#.

βœ…2GB + social @ N500 valid for 3 days; dial βˆ—229βˆ—3βˆ—4#.

βœ…1GB + social @ N500 valid for 7 days; dial βˆ—229βˆ—2βˆ—1#.

βœ…1GB + social @ N300 valid for 3 days; dial βˆ—229βˆ—3βˆ—3#.

These are just some plans under the newly revamped plans, you can browse through the rest of them by dialing βˆ—200βˆ—3βˆ—1#. I hope you gained something from this article, don’t forget to share with friends.


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